Colour Blockish Mittens

Isn’t crochet so much fun? If I had to guess I’d say I haven’t crocheted anything in over a month. I enjoy crocheting, love browsing patterns, selecting yarn, and creating something with my own two hands. Unfortunately I become easily discouraged and add a lot of pressure to what is supposed to be a fun and relaxing activity, especially around Christmas. And so I went into a self imposed crochet exile of sorts until finally deciding to pick up the hook and yarn and have a go at it again. Check out the mittens I made below. Cute, right?


I used the Perfect Fit Mittens pattern which is available for free from Left in Knots. There were a few modifications I made to achieve my perfect fit such as omitting rows 15, and 16, and adjusting the thumb (row 1: 12 hdc, 1 hdc2tog (13); row 5: 11 hdc, 1 hdc2tog (12); row 6: 6 hdc2tog (6); omit row 7). The yarn I used is Red Heart Soft in the seafoam and grape colourways as chosen by husband because I could not handle the pressure. As it is a simple pattern it was easy enough to customize and I’m quite happy with the result.


My timing for these mittens isn’t the best since we are having a bit of a warm spell at the moment (not that I’m complaining), but at least the next time there is a chill in the air I will be ready with a soft burst of colour.