This “Hello World” post is like a self titled album with the faux confidence of an ageing hipster and the lacklustre appeal of a greatest hits collection performed by a tone deaf cover band and recorded on cassette.

End of post.

But for realzies, thanks for visiting! In truth I’m not expecting many readers, I haven’t followed any of the blog world advice as far as figure out who your target audience is, the message you want to convey, what your blog is about, yada yada yada. Quirbubbly is something I’ve decided to be completely selfish with and create for me about whatever happens to interest me at the time – if it happens to interest you too, bonus! I have enjoyed reading various blogs for a few years now and I am enticed by the reflection that they offer, an opportunity for you to share something you care about in the moment and look back on it days, weeks, months, years from then and hopefully smile, maybe laugh, perhaps be proud or reminded of a joy in life since forgotten. Sure there is always the chance you might cringe (hello future me reading this post two weeks from now *waves*) but nonetheless you went out there and tried something.

What might this blog include? Here are some of the things I am interested in these days:

  • Crochet – Self taught and continuously learning, I have a lot of yarn (over 1,000 balls/skeins/hanks) and yet never enough for the project at hand.
  • Reading – Predominately (read exclusively) fiction, Kelley Armstrong is my favourite author and she might just have her own bookshelf in my living room.
  • Netflix – Amazing Spider-man, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Shadowhunters, No Tomorrow, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, Sherlock.
  • Eating – In the past this might have been baking, but I am a lazy glutton who enjoys eating more than the cooking and preparing of food at the moment, hopefully that changes with time (and my waistline too).
  • Soccer – Not sports, just sport – Soccer. Toronto FC was robbed of the MLS Cup, they played the better game and everyone knows it!